Mirosława Kubasiewicz, Urszula Gołębiowska

Scripta Humana. Modernism Re-visited, vol. XIV


Oprawa: Miękka

Ilość stron: 176

Format: B5

Rok wydania: 2019


The title of this volume, Modernism Re-visited, suggests yet another re-engagement
with early twentieth-century literature in search of new insights and interpretations.
However, the act of revisiting also creates an occasion to reconsider those concerns
and values of the movement which could inform reflection on our own moment and
its literature. In fact, the current revival of interest in modernism demonstrates its continuity
and relevance for our times against the dismissal of the period in the latter half
of the twentieth century. Attacked by both the realists of the 1950s and 1960s and later
by postmodernists for being elitist, formalist, hostile to popular culture and conservative,
modernism has emerged in the last two decades as not, in its entirety, indifferent
to pressing social, political, and ethical problems. Certainly, not all modernists shared
progressive political views and commitments, the attitudes of some are in fact considered
downright reactionary (for instance, those of T.S. Eliot or Ezra Pound).

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