Jan Stebila, Marek Rybakowski

School Education for Road Safety


Oprawa: Miękka

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Format: B5

Rok wydania: 2010



The reviewed work represents a weighty voice in the discussions on the shape and effectiveness of road safety education, on the basis of comparison in Poland and Slovakia. […] The book’s theme steps into the wide and attractive, but also multi-faceted area of life of everyone. In compiling work on reflections on education for road safety, the authors of the book did not omit essential elements of broadly conceived mental, social and moral, patriotic, aesthetic and health education for children and adolescents. They point agreeably to significant importance and possibility of educational influences of young people throught appropriate class activities, extra-curriculum activities and out-of-school activities – in the idea of safe road traffic…
[Prof. dr hab. Jan Grzesiak]
The authors of the reviewed monograph collected and analyzed in detail the current situation of road safety education. However, they did not fokus Orly on the description of the existing situation, but they were also looping for possibilities for streamlining this process. Both authors agreed that a diable way is to use information – Communications Technologies and special multimedia teaching aids. These are introduced in the part of the Polish author according to the offer of the Polish national Ministry of Education and the Slovak author presents his own teaching aid. This monograph as a whole offers inspirational views on the issue of Road Safety Education in Poland and Slovakia.

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