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Reasons for using ICT by children and adolescents in their daily practice (research report)


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One of the major goals of school, at all stages of education, is to prepare students to live in an information society – a society of “the creators of knowledge”, where knowledge becomes a process, and learning is an integral part of producing, a new form of activity.
The undertaken activities are supported with Information and Communication Technology (ICT), treated as the key technology of modern civilization. Therefore, the student must learn – according to the requirements of the information society and directions of changes in education – to use information, treat it as an outcome (result) of knowledge, but also a tool (measure) in processes and material for creating new results (W. Furmanek, 2013, pp. 176, 177, 297). The student should be aware that the path of development is marked by the global cultural imperative of participation in the process of constructing and negotiating symbols, values, meanings, in which technology, a machine or a tool become the main partner of a human becomes (see: R. Gabriel, H.-P. Röhrs, 2017).

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