Ewa Skorek

Psychological and social problems of children with stuttering. The role of speech therapists in integrative therapy


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Rok wydania: 2012


This publication deals with: – the synthesis of theoretical considerations concerning stuttering. Yet, the author’s intention is to present the complexity and the specific nature of the phenomenon in the context of its psycho-social aftermath rather than organize the findings of the exhaustive research on the essence of stuttering and present it in the manner of a handbook (chapter 1); – methodological problems of author’s own research (chapter 2); – the results of the author’s own research on peer relations in stuttering primary school children, comprising the following: their peer relations (chapter 3), their social position in the structure of school forms (chapter 4), emotional acceptance of children with stuttering by their peers (chapter 5), the characteristics as cribed to the children by their classmates (chapter 6), life quality in children with stutter (chapter 7); – research findings related to the participation of speech therapists in the integrative therapy of children with stuttering (chapter 8); – the characteristics of psychological, social and educational problems of children with stuttering (chapter 9), as well as a proposal of an extensive therapy program for improving the quality of their lives (chapter 10); – summary and conclusions. The monograph is accompanied by an appendix with the names of famous people who stutter or stuttered in childhood; among the 273 names there are both living people as well as historical figures. The monograph has been written with the intent of presenting the intricate psycho-social situation of children with stuttering, which tends to go unnoticed in the everyday speech therapy practice, in the course of which therapists mainly focus on the improvement of fluency. It is also meant to indicate the role of therapists so that they are not only involved in the eradication of speech problems, but also in the treatment of the accompanying psycho-social, social and educational aftermath.

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