Inetta Nowosad, Mirosław J. Szymański

Polish Education at the Time of Changes


Oprawa: Miękka

Ilość stron: 166

Format: A5

Rok wydania: 2006


All challenges and global problems of contemporary world manifest themselves in various proportions on Polish ground. The map of objective, external processes is additionally superimposed by an in­tricate pattern of our own internal preconditions, mostly concerned with procedures of the implementation of democratic order and mechanisms of free market economy. On top of the two sources of factors there are also endogenous conditions rooted in the state of education, which experienced multiple perturbations in the course of post-war history of Poland. It was never successfully reformed and continually suffered from insufficient funding. At the same time social and economic expectations towards education have continu­ously been growing, especially now after the accession to the Euro­pean Union.

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