Krzysztof Łasiński

On the methods for improving quality control of small-sized products with the use of inspection automatic machines and robotized auxiliary elements, Monograph


Oprawa: Twarda

Ilość stron: 124

Format: B5

Rok wydania: 2016


The development of science and technology at the end of the 20th century led to a partial, though in some cases complete replacement of human labour with work performed by machines and technological equipment which operate in accordance with a prescribed algorithm set in advance. The cases in which work performed by men is replaced with the work of robots performing cyclic tasks impose definite precision and repeatability of actions with prescribed ac-curacy […].
The element of continuous supervision over an activity being carried out is an extremely significant aspect of robotization of production and control systems. The work of robots can be easily controlled by means of setting and controlling technical, geometrical, technological and quality parameters […].
In each case, the control of quality parameters, which are a result of the manu-facturing system employed, gains special importance. The feedback contained in the loop: measurement – classification – repair allows product quality control and continuous inspection of the course of the manufacturing process […].
The manner in which products are measured and the application of appropriate measuring techniques, which depend on the characteristics of the manufacturing process, is an issue of crucial importance. An important role is played by the deci-sion made on the type of the control process, which imposes the application of the required technical means, including the use of measuring robots and in-spection-sorting automatic machines in production system quality control stands […].

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