Nazwa Scripta Humana vol. 12 From Essentialism to Choice: American Cultural Identities and Their Literary Representations

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BRAK NA MAGAZYNIE, The reconsideration of culture and identity within the last three decades is very applicable
to an analysis of varied modes of identity formation within the American context. Identity is no longer associated with unquestioned particularity relative to an individual sense of belonging to a specific nation, ethnic group, geographical location, religious organization, political party, and essentially defined features of other entities. It is deemed rather to be a continued process of cultural changeability and fluidity. Here, culture is understood as “the semantic space, the field of signs and practices, in which human beings construct and represent themselves and others, and hence their societies and histories. […] Culture always contains within polyvalent, potentially contestable messages, images and action. It is, in short, a historically situated, historically unfolding ensemble of signifiers-in-action, signifiers at once material and symbolic, social and aesthetic” (Camaroff & Camaroff 1992: 27).
Toni Morrison formulated the term “Foreigner’s Home,” which expresses a certain condition of place established by migrations of peoples from one geographical and cultural space to another.

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