Justyna Patalas-Maliszewska

Methods and Tools for the Knowledge Mangemnent in Manufacturing Companies


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Rok wydania: 2017


The present study is a compilation of theoretic and empirical studies focussed on the
central theme of knowledge management in manufacturing companies with special
sub-themes such as:
• Understanding the differences between explicit and tacit knowledge in manufacturing
companies as well as the link between them.
• A review of actual methods and tools for the knowledge management support,
both explicit and tacit.
• Observations of the use of selected methods and tools for knowledge management
in manufacturing companies.
• Creation of a tool for the explicit and tacit knowledge management support in
manufacturing companies.
Manufacturing companies should improve their production system based on wellknown
manufacturing practices and support them by implementing methods/tools
for knowledge management. Why do the present authors claim that knowledge is of
such significance in the achievement of sustainable competitive advantages within
a company? Why do we focus on this subject?

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