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ICT in Education Design vol. 13


Oprawa: Miękka

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Rok wydania: 2019


Looking through our old publications, one can find a phrase that has been quite often used (or used too often): a dynamically changing reality. When analyzing the phrase today, it can be concluded that it is absolutely true and the dynamics of civilizational, social and cultural changes, etc., have even accelerated. This acceleration
has been affected by numerous factors, of which the emergence of the computer and the development of information and communication technologies (ICT) are the ones of the greatest importance.
The beginning of the twenty-first century has brought the supremacy of information technologies (especially computer science and telecommunications) over technologies used to produce material goods, which has and will have numerous
significant effects. No culture can avoid being affected by technology. The most striking is the fact that practically no one has any influence on the direction and pace of changes that the world is experiencing as a result of the universal access to new ICT resources. The development of ICT is so dynamic that it precedes social and mental changes, and people’s adaptation mechanisms to new conditions are just becoming activated.

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