Sławomir Kłos

Evaluation Methodology of ERP System Implementation in Manufacturing Enterprises

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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a process orientem software packane, implementation of which may lead to improved efficiency of business processes in a company [Klaus, Rosemann, Gable, 2000]. Implementing the ERP system involves a strategic decision, which consequences determine effficiency of business processes, use of resources, and therefore efficient management and competitiveness of the whole company for a period of several years. The implementation of the ERP is a costly project, involving reengineering of processes, major engagement of human resources and considerably high failure risk. According to the ARC Advisory Group, in 2006, the market of ERP systems in the world was estimated at US$18,4 billion, whereas development forecast show the it will grow 6,7% year to Reach US$25 billion in 2011 [ARC, 2007].

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