Dyskursy Młodych Andragogów 19


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Rok wydania: 2018


The concept of the ‘educational biography’ frequently appears in programmes and
documents relating to lifelong learning. What is meant by that often remains unclear.
Like many notions pertaining to the field of the social sciences, the concept of biography
has a peculiar dual nature. It is both an everyday term as well as an elaborate
scientific concept. Even though it may cause us consternation at times, in everyday
life we basically have no problem in accepting that we ‘have’ a biography. In the social
sciences, however, ‘biography’ relates to a highly sophisticated social construct that is
by no means self-evident. Biography (in the sense of the tension between the concepts
of one’s life course as opposed to the story of someone’s life story), is a social form of
self-construction and self-projection arising from a particular historical and social

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